Wednesday, October 19, 2016

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I'm currently reading Deadly Wedding by Kate Parker. This book is the second in the Deadly Series and was released September 11.

Olivia Denis is called upon to help her distant cousin Celia prepare for her wedding. Although act more like a servant than help an old friend and relative is a more accurate description. The residents of Millhaven House are the epitome of a dysfunctional family, but who would kill the ancient patriarch when he was already dying? And kill him the morning of the wedding? Although Olivia is a strong woman she always gives in to Celia's demands, from packing her trucks for the honeymoon to agreeing to look into the murder of Celia's grandfather.

With murder on the home front, Olivia also has to deal with Nazi atrocities as she travels to German occupied Austria on another mission from the newspaper. With the threat of war looming will Olivia be able to help those in Austria as well as the family on her own soil?

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