Thursday, October 13, 2016

Michelangelo's Ghost - A Review and Giveaway


The Fourth Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt Mystery

Once again Gigi Pandian has captured my attention and drawn me in-with her first sentence no less! Jaya Jones is back and contemplating treasure. While dealing with the aftermath of her last adventure Jaya hears from a ghost from her past. Her former mentor, Dr. Lilith Vine, now shunned by the majority of academia, is asking for Jaya's help.The possibility of a major discovery, artwork from a protege of Michelangelo showing Renaissance artwork with Indian subjects, sparks Jaya's imagination. Lilith believes she has the clues to find Lazzaro Allegri's studio and paintings, lost in Italy's Park of Monsters. Will Jaya travel to Italy to hunt for this treasure? Will the elusive Lane Peters assist her? Can Jaya redeem her mentor's reputation and find the treasure?

MICHELANGELO'S GHOST has danger, excitement, and romance, but romance that doesn't take away from the plot, but rather propels it. Art history and a ghost story add even more depth and fun to this intricately detailed mystery.

Not only does Pandian have a compelling story in MICHELANGELO'S GHOST, but she continues to reveal more layers to her characters including secrets about Lane's past. These multidimensional characters are so dynamic and realistic that I feel as if I am one with the story and Jaya is my true friend. As such, at one point of the book I really wanted to push one character off the edge of a high terrace on Jaya's behalf!

One of my favorite things about the Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt mysteries are the locations we visit in each book. With San Fransisco as a home base MICHELANGELO'S GHOST takes us to Italy, an Italy slightly off the beaten path as well, in the small town of Bomarzo. This real life town is the location of the real life Park of Monsters. Which brings me to another great part of a Jaya Jones mystery, learning more true history. Pandian makes history fun. Little known facts become treasures of knowledge. While some poetic license and fictionalization is used, Pandian always lets readers know truth from fiction in an afterward.

MICHELANGELO'S GHOST is a thrilling read that I thoroughly enjoyed from first sentence to last. I eagerly await Jaya's next adventure when I can once again travel the world learning interesting historical details all from the comfort of my own home!
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  1. Gig is a new author to me, but from the review I'm really looking forward to reading her books. Can't wait to read "Michelangelo's Ghost".

    1. You really should read this series from the start in order to truly appreciate some of the nuances and developing character relationships. You can check out all my reviews here too. ARTIFACT is the first.

  2. Gig is a new author to me, but from the review I'm really looking forward to reading her books. Can't wait to read "Michelangelo's Ghost".

  3. Love Jaya & all her friends. Excited for this new story. Thanks for the giveaway.