Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Currently Reading...

I'm currently reading Masking for Trouble by Diane Vallere. This book is the second in the Costume Shop Mystery series and was released yesterday!

It's closing in on Halloween in Proper City and Margo Tamblyn is in charge of Disguise De-Limit, the family costume shop, while her dad is living his dream of traveling the country looking for unique costumes. A nasty surprise comes in the form of new comer Paul Haverford who is planning to buy up the town and turn it into a cookie cutter conglomerate of strip malls and box stores. His first step is blocking any company he doesn't own from winning the town's costume contest, thus Disguise De-Limit and its customers, and secondly teaching the town a lesson by making an example of Margo and her business. Discovering his plan too late, Margo goes to the Costume party, but will she be able to save Halloween and her store?!

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  1. Hope Margo teaches the greedy creep a lesson. Well. Someone will. Looks like a really great read. Lovely post. Thanks Della