Sunday, October 16, 2016

Masking for Trouble - Review & Giveaway


The Second Costume Shop Mystery

It's closing in on Halloween in Proper City and Margo Tamblyn is in charge of Disguise De-Limit, the family costume shop, while her dad is living his dream of traveling the country looking for unique costumes. A nasty surprise comes in the form of newcomer Paul Haverford who is planning to buy up the town and turn it into a cookie cutter conglomerate of strip malls and box stores. His first step is blocking any company he doesn't own from winning the town's costume contest, thus Disguise De-Limit and its customers, and secondly teaching the town a lesson by making an example of Margo and her business. Discovering his plan too late, Margo goes to the costume party, but will she be able to save Halloween and her store?!

Have you ever neglected to do something, perhaps you didn't even know you had to do, and a whole mountain of misfortune follows? Or have you ever done something childish and silly only to find the ramifications somewhat dire? In MASKING FOR TROUBLE Margo does both and finds herself prime suspect in the murder of Paul Haverford! What with trying to keep up during her store's busiest season, dealing with her secret relationship with Tak and the interest of another man, and helping Ebony host the new Halloween event, Margo hardly has time to look into the murder herself. Yet she still finds time to poke around and put herself in danger when she least suspects it!

Margo Tamblyn is one of the most unique characters in cozy novels today. She endlessly recreates who she is by wearing different costumes each day. Yet she is able to be likeable, vulnerable yet strong, dependable and fun yet somehow fragile. She's a woman who is able to take care of herself, but is faced with doubts, even about herself. She continues to hide who she really is and hiding proves to be a main theme in this book. Margo and Tak are hiding their relationship. Margo's dad is hiding his plans. Several other people are hiding things too, which result in some unexpected results.

Diane Vallere continues her Costume Shop Mystery series with a super Halloween entry. What a perfect backdrop for this series. The writing is crisp, the plot complex with multiple motives and interesting characters. With recipes and costume tips this book is a great read at any time of year, but extra special in October.

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  1. The book looks really interesting and I want to find and read it!

  2. I've added Masking for Trouble to my Wish List. The Mythic Mazes Jigsaw Puzzle is an awesome prize. Thank you for this chance!

  3. Great series, looking forward to reading "Masking for Trouble".

  4. Great series, looking forward to reading "Masking for Trouble".